A Jacksonville Slip and Fall Attorney Discusses Red Flags Related to Lost Wages

It doesn’t take much to raise red flags when it comes to insurance companies and adjusters. A Jacksonville slip and fall attorney can tell you that wage loss makes adjusters very suspicious; they will want to know such details as the claimant’s specific job description, if the loss was gross pay, and whether the person is salaried or works for himself.

Adjusters also will want to ensure there are good income records. Many times, lost wages become an issue for those who work for themselves because there are no income records that can be evaluated. A Jacksonville slip and fall lawyer can tell you that self-employed people, such as physicians, accountants and attorneys, often have to find people to do their work because they can’t let it pile up and lose profits. Usually, lost wages in such cases is determined by the amount of money spent on hiring someone to do the work you couldn’t do.

Loss of earnings must be supported by injuries and medical reports that prove that the person can’t perform the job due to medical problems. There must be a direct correlation between the injury and the work time missed. However, any type of medical overtreatment or long absences from work will be looked at closely by adjusters.

Jobs That Raise Red Flags

Specific jobs are looked at much more closely than others when it comes to medical problems and lost wages. A Jacksonville slip and fall lawyer can tell you that adjusters take another look at cab/truck/ambulance drivers, iron workers, physicians, attorneys, police officers and those in the entertainment industry, such as actors, actresses and musicians. Additionally, it is not rare for adjusters to be suspicious of anything involving a rental car or truck since they are known to be used to engineer accidents.

Contact a Jacksonville Slip and Fall Attorney for Assistance

Lost wages and certain occupations may raise red flags for insurance companies. If you have been involved in an accident, call Jacksonville slip and fall attorney John Fagan at 904-278-1000.

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