A Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney Describes the Magnetic Board

In this blog a Jacksonville personal injury lawyer addresses how a magnetic board may be used to develop a visual aid that will help to illustrate a traffic accident. Jacksonville personal injury lawyer

Visualizing the Accident
In order to visually demonstrate how the incident occurred, you and your attorney may use a magnetic accident board. This type of map is based on the information gathered by the investigator. This person provides the distance measurements, appropriate scale to ensure an accurate rendering of the incident with correct placement of vehicles and will also account for any changes that might have taken place between the actual incident and the time he or she took the measurements. The board is generated by companies that specialize in computer graphics and is an important tool that aids significantly in demonstrating the spatial relationships between the involved vehicles.

How It Works
The board functions like a map of the incident on which magnetized cars, also to scale, can be placed in order to retrace the events and demonstrate them visually. You can trace where you were, how you were proceeding, where the defendant was, where the collision took place and exactly how it occurred. If your board is marked with a grid showing distance, you can also demonstrate where each vehicle was at a given time prior to impact, establish line of sight and illustrate clearly that the defendant’s car was not positioned such that you could have had a clear view of his or her approach upon approaching the scene of the collision.

Seek Qualified Advice
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