A Jacksonville Injury Attorney Reviews How You Should Present Your Testimony

Jacksonville injury attorney will advise you on how to conduct yourself while testifying. Some recommendations are listed below.

A Jacksonville Injury Attorney Will Advise Carefully Listening to Each Question.

Jacksonville Injury Attorney Pay close attention to the question and make sure you understand it before answering. If you do not fully hear or understand the question, request that the defense attorney repeat it.

Answer only what you are asked. A Jacksonville injury attorney knows that discerning the exact question can sometimes be difficult and requires concentration and attention. If asked when something happened, respond with the time; if asked where something happened, respond with the location; and if asked who did something, respond with the person or name.

A Jacksonville Injury Attorney Will Advise Speaking Clearly and Answering Out Loud.

The court reporter cannot record a nod or shake of your head or an answer of “Uh-huh” or “Huh-uh.” Nor can the reporter record the use of your hands to indicate a particular distance. Even if your deposition is being recorded by video, hand gestures or non-verbal responses may not record clearly. Questions answered out loud with clear concise words are best.

A Jacksonville Injury Attorney Will Advise Not to Minimize How You and Your Family Have Been Affected by Your Injuries or Your Feelings Concerning the Accident.

When sensitive topics come up during the deposition, it is common for a witness to cry. A Jacksonville injury lawyer will advise that it is not necessary for you to try to hide your emotions or attempt to be stoic about the accident and how it has affected you and your family. On the contrary, if the defense attorney never observes how distressing the accident is to you, she or he will most likely assume and relay to their client that you are not upset. In all likelihood, a jury will conclude the same.

Obtaining the Legal Services of a Jacksonville Injury Lawyer

When preparing for your deposition, it is crucial to understand the proceeding and know how best to conduct yourself. If you would like to speak with a competent and knowledgeable Jacksonville injury lawyer to learn how to prepare for your deposition, please contact John Fagan at 904-278-1000. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

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