How Insurance Adjusters Handle Claims

Orange Park personal injury attorneysHow effectively adjusters will handle your claim depends on the region of the claims office and personnel involved. It is in your best interest to retain a team of Orange Park personal injury attorneys who are familiar with working with adjusters and facilitating efforts to resolve personal injury cases in a timely manner.

Who Will Handle My Case at the Claims Office?

The claims adjusters are the first individuals assigned to handle your case once it arrives to the office. Exactly which person will take over your case will depend on the size and territory of the office. Orange Park personal injury attorneys practicing in states with a small population (two million people or less) will usually work with the same adjusters working there, both for local or national carriers. But in larger states, they are more likely to negotiate with new adjusters, since adjuster turnovers are higher in those regions. Your Orange Park personal injury attorneys may have to deal with multiple adjusters as the case progresses.

Orange Park Personal Injury Lawyers Explain How Adjusters Operate

Adjusters are intent on resolving any case as quickly and cost-effectively as possible for the following reasons.

Heavy workload—A typical adjuster might have as many as 100 to 200 files at any given time and can only commit a few minutes to each on a weekly basis. Adjusters will check their files regularly and make journal notes on their cases to move them along in a timely manner.

Bonus for performance—An adjuster will receive high marks and even raises or bonuses if he or she can settle a large amount of cases for much less than the settlement authority granted. An insurance company evaluating their adjusters’ performance will gauge their ability to:

  • Settle cases quickly
  • Make efficient use of limited in-house resources
  • Spend a manageable amount of money to resolve cases

Therefore, your Orange Park personal injury attorneys will most likely have to deal with uncooperative adjusters who have little incentive to accept even a fair initial offer.

Adjusters Will Often Blame Secretaries and Clerks

Like any office, each claims office uses numerous claims secretaries and clerks. As they have no real input on handling claims, adjusters will often blame them for any errors. To clear any confusion, your Orange Park personal injury lawyers will make sure that the secretary or the clerk properly date-stamps documents pertaining to your case and sends it to the intended adjuster.

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