Insurance Adjuster Tricks to Watch Out For

Insurance companies are oftentimes not the most forthcoming of organizations, especially when it comes to personal injury claims. A First Coast personal injury attorney can help you understand the process and how to make the most of your personal injury claim.

Many complicated and obscure factors go into insurance companies’ evaluations and negotiations, and it is rarely as simple as asking how much your medical bills were and writing a check for that. Each company has its own practices and policies, and each individual adjuster has his or her own work habits and priorities, so an experienced First Coast personal injury attorney will anticipate a number of ways negotiations can go when it comes to evaluating your claim. Sometimes, they use certain tactics to get you to lower your expected value of your case or to drag the case out.

Seeking Excessive Information
Some adjusters seem to never have enough information from you. If your attorney sends them your medical bills, the adjuster may request your doctor’s report. If your attorney sends a copy of your hospital bills, the adjuster might request the records of your hospital stay. In general, the adjuster will request the complete medical records for every medical bill you submit for reimbursement.

Endless Investigation
Sometimes, the adjuster seems to perpetually claim that the investigation is incomplete. Your attorney can put pressure on the adjuster to resolve whatever issues they are having and offer whatever information they need, in order to proceed with settlement talks.

For more information about insurance adjuster tricks, contact First Coast personal injury attorney John Fagan today to schedule a consultation.

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