Why Might My Insurance Adjuster Erroneously Suspect Me of Fraud?

There are many circumstances in which insurance companies will suspect legitimate claimants of fraud. An experiencedSouthern Carolinapersonal injury attorney must be able to identify these circumstances and explain them to the insurance representative.

For example, insurance companies are very suspicious of claimants who retain a personal injury attorney before the insurer had an opportunity to send an adjuster. While there are legitimate reasons for doing this, the insurance adjusters generally believe that they deserve a chance to work with the claimant at least initially without the “interference” of an attorney.

To be clear, there is nothing wrong with retaining an attorney early, but insurance adjusters may get the impression that the claimant might be trying to game the system. The insurance adjuster will likely decide against fast-tracking your case and instead scrutinize the case more than he would otherwise, including going over the claimant’s prior claims history and medical records.

Another instance in which adjusters become suspicious is if the claimant has been involved with an unusual amount of lawsuits before the claim. Insurance companies keep a database that tracks the litigation history of claimants, and if you have been involved with numerous personal injury lawsuits or workers’ compensation claims in the past, you may be flagged as a suspicious claimant. Obviously, this is no proof that you are fraudulent, but you will need an experienced attorney to convince the insurance adjuster otherwise.

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