An Injury Lawyer in Orange Park Discusses Insurance Company Procedures

It is difficult to know exactly what insurance companies will do when they first begin handling your case. Fortunately, an injury lawyer in Orange Park can provide you with more information.

An Injury Lawyer in Orange Park Knows How Insurance Companies Work

An experienced injury lawyer in Orange Park is well aware of what procedures are used by the opposing party’s insurance company. This is the insurance company for the person, people, or organization responsible for your accident. After your injury attorney in Orange Park notifies the company of the claim, they start a file on you, and a supervisor or manager pairs a claims adjuster with your particular file. It is possible to have different adjusters working on your case as it goes along.

An Injury Lawyer in Orange Park Can Speak on Your Behalf

Your attorney will speak to your adjuster on your behalf. It is important to have this type of advocate, as the adjuster will be doing his or her own investigation into your claim. Adjusters are especially looking to see who is at fault in your case, and examining the facts in order to ascertain whether you are at all responsible for your injuries.

Contact an Injury Attorney in Orange Park for Legal Assistance

Insurance company procedures can be confusing. An experienced injury lawyer in Orange Park can be your ally against insurance companies and tell you what to watch out for. Call John Fagan today at 904-278-1000 to get started on your case.

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