The Importance of Police Reports in Car Accident Claims

If you were involved in a car accident and a police report was prepared, it is imperative that your Orange Park Accident lawyer obtain a copy of this report in order to properly investigate your personal injury claim.

Useful Information

The police report contains important information, including specific facts surrounding the accident, names of the parties involved in the accident, insurance information, identity of witnesses to the accident and any statements provided by the witnesses. Police reports also provide the officer’s own opinion with regard to the cause of the accident, any contributing factors, and whether safety devices were used.

Overall, the officer who prepared the report is an important witness that can confirm important facts of the accident that your Orange Park Accident lawyer needs to successfully litigate or settle your lawsuit.

When Police Reports Contain Damaging Information

However, as useful as the information provided in police reports are, in some situations police reports also include errors or improper information that may ultimately effect the success of your lawsuit.

If your Orange Park Accident Lawyer determines that the police report contains errors, it is imperative that he deals with this information and tries to have the police fix the mistakes prior to trial in order to prevent jeopardizing your case.

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