Importance of Candor

Orange Park Disability Lawyer

Before you have your case presented before an administrative law judge, your Orange Park disability lawyer will explain the process and be candid about your possible chance of success. If your Orange Park disability attorney believes that there has been an exaggeration of your symptoms, he or she will warn you about the importance of not exaggerating and the consequences of doing so.

Minimizing Impairments

Due to the concern of having an administrative law judge not believe in a witness’ credibility, some applicants minimize their impairments. During an initial consultation with an Orange Park disability lawyer, you may be asked a variety of questions about your impairments. If your lawyer believes that your impairment or symptoms are being minimized, he or she will be candid with you regarding this information.

Hearing Information

Your attorney will also discuss the typical process involved in a hearing. He or she will inform you that the hearing is informal in nature. The administrative law judge is not an adversary. Your attorney can inform you that there is not usually a lot of hard cross-examination as may be seen in some trials. The judge may ask questions to get a better idea about your impairment and symptoms. If you have any special needs related to the hearing, such as being mobile, your attorney will address these, too, before the hearing.


Your attorney can also discuss the availability and usefulness of having certain witnesses testify on your behalf.

Learn More from an Orange Park Disability Lawyer

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