Home Fire Safety Checklist

By John Fagan***

According to the National Fire Protection Association, in 2016 there were about 352,000 home fires resulting in about 2,700 deaths and 10,700 injuries. That is almost 1000 fires PER DAY! 65% of home fire deaths occur because the home does not have working smoke alarms.

Fire Safety Prevention

1. Keep matches away from sources of heat such as stoves or heaters.
2. Make sure matches and smoking materials are out before you dispose of them.
3. Have plenty of large, non-combustible ashtrays in every room.
4. Never smoke in a bed
5. Only allow qualified electricians to install or extend your wiring.
6. Avoid using multiple attachment plugs and long extension cords. Opt for more electrical outlets installed by professionals.
7. Make sure your heavy duty appliances are plugged into special circuits.
8. Use only 15 amp fuses for your household light circuits.
9. Have all extension cords in the open – not under rugs, over hooks, or through partitions or door openings.
10. Keep your yard (and nearby vacant properties) cleared of leaves, weeds, debris, and combustible rubbish.
11. Be sure that gasoline is stored in a strong, metal safety can with self closing caps on the openings.
12. If your garage is attached to the house, make sure it is separated by a tight fitting door which is kept closed.
13. Keep your basement, closets, and attic cleared of old rags, papers, mattresses, broken furniture, and other combustible odds and ends.
14. Keep paint, varnish, etc. closed tightly.
15. Always turn off the stove/oven before leaving the kitchen. Do not leave the kitchen if you are frying food.
16. Set timers for long cooking food and check on it regularly.
17. Always turn off the dryer before leaving your home.
18. Clean your dryer lint tray before each use.
19. Turn off portable heaters when you leave the room or go to sleep.
20. Have chimneys and furnaces cleaned and inspected yearly.
21. NEVER use an extension cord with a space heater.
22. Make sure heaters have a tip over shut off function.

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