Today, more than 100,000 children and adults await life-saving organ transplants in the United States. More than 3,000 of them are in Florida. You can make a difference in their lives by becoming an organ and tissue donor. Not only do organ donors benefit those in need of life-saving transplants, but they also make a difference in the lives of those awaiting the precious gift of tissue transplants.


When making a decision to designate yourself as an organ and tissue donor, consider these points:

• Heart transplants save the lives of patients with coronary or congenital heart disease.

• Kidney and/or pancreas transplants enhance the lives of patients with end-stage renal failure, diabetes or polycystic kidney disease.

• Lungs breathe new life into patients with cystic fibrosis and pulmonary fibrosis.

• Tissue transplants can restore life, mobility and flexibility to cancer patients and those with debilitating sport injuries.

• Donated corneas can restore the sight of someone suffering from blindness.

• Skin grafts can aid and even save those who have been severely burned.

• Organs and tissue that cannot be transplanted can be donated for research and will help scientists find ways to treat and cure diseases that affect the body’s vital organs such as Alzheimer’s and cancer.
If you are not ready to make a decision about donation today, please consider these facts:

• One organ donor can save up to 8 lives.

• One tissue donor can enhance the lives of dozens more.

Each day, 18 people die in the United States due to the lack of organ donors.

You can join Florida’s donor registry at anytime by visiting www.donatelifeflorida.org. When you join Florida’s donor registry, you are making and documenting a decision that only you can change.

In addition to designating your wishes on your driver license today, we encourage you to visit the statewide registry where you can document your exact wishes. By creating a profile on the Web site, you will be able to modify your designation at anytime.

If you do not have a driver license or access to the Internet, you still can join Florida’s donor registry.


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