What Will Happen During a Personal Injury Trial: Defense’s Case and Closing Arguments

The second half of a personal injury lawsuit is not too different from the first. After your Florida personal injury attorney presents your case, the defense attorney will present his case and begin calling witnesses. After each witness testifies, your attorney will have a chance to cross-examine them.

After the last defense witness has been cross examined, the trial will proceed to closing arguments. During his closing argument, each attorney will summarize his case, going over how the evidence helps support it. Each attorney will then ask for a verdict. As the plaintiff, your personal injury attorney will be allowed to go first; then, he will be followed by the defense attorney.

Following the closing arguments, the judge presiding over your case will have some instructions for the jury. The jury will then deliberate and produce a verdict. During this deliberation phase, the judge will not attempt to influence the jury as to their final verdict. The jury deliberations occur in a closed room and typically last a few hours.

Once the jury has reached a verdict, everyone will return to the courtroom, and the judge will announce the verdict. This is when you will finally know for sure how much money you will receive for your personal injury case.

The litigation process is very predictable and will not intimidate you if you have an experienced Florida personal injury attorney on your side. If you are not already represented by a Florida personal injury attorney, call John Fagan today for a free initial consultation.

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