Florida Leash Law and Dog Bites

In Florida, there is very specific information regarding dog bites and leash laws that every dog owner should know. While there is currently no statewide law that pertains specifically to dogs being leashed, there are leash laws in many towns. Florida law requires that owners maintain control of their dogs at all times. Exceptions are not made for dogs of a certain breed, size or gender. It also doesn’t matter if the dog has never shown aggression in the past. In essence, every dog must be kept under the control of its owner.

Florida Dog Bite Laws

While Florida doesn’t impose a leash law on dog owners, it does provide very strong language in regard to dog bites. In most cases, the owner of a dog that bites another person is liable. This is true whether the dog was leashed or unleashed or whether the animal has been aggressive previously. This legal doctrine is known as strict liability.

Strict Liability, Dog Bites and Florida Law

Fault is not an issue when it comes to Florida’s strict liability dog bite laws. Even if a dog owner is walking their small leashed dog who is not aggressive down the street and complying with the leash laws of the community and that dog bites someone, the owner is still liable for any injury caused. The dog owner does not need to be found negligent in order to be held liable.

Even though Florida law regarding liability for dog bites seems to be pretty straightforward, any incident of this nature is likely to result in a complex case. One potential source of conflict could be the homeowner’s insurance if the dog bite occurred on someone else’s property. Depending on how the policy is written, there could be limitations regarding the damages paid, the breeds covered or other particulars.

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