How You Can Help Your First Coast Motorcycle Injury Attorney

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, a First Coast motorcycle injury attorney may be able to guide you through the process of suing the party responsible.

Even though your attorney will be working hard to build your case, you will have certain responsibilities as well if you wish to prevail. Most importantly, maintain documentation of all of your medical bills and expenses related to the motorcycle accident, as well as any loss of income from having to take time off of work. You will also greatly help your lawyer by making sure to do the following:

  • Sign all forms your attorney gives you.
  • Be honest in answering all the questions your First Coast motorcycle injury attorney asks you.
  • Make sure to let your attorney know if you have a change of address or phone number, as well as any change in employment, marital status, or your physical condition.
  • Take photographs as requested by your lawyer, and keep the negatives and copies secure.
  • Notify your attorney of any witnesses who might be able to testify regarding the motorcycle accident.
  • Keep all appointments made with doctors, hospitals, and other facilities to work toward your recovery.
  • Carefully read all correspondence sent by your attorney, and promptly return all phone calls.

To secure the appropriate medical information, you will have to sign several forms because medical personnel will not release any medical or personal information about you without your written consent. It’s illegal and a serious violation of medical privacy to release information to anyone, even your lawyer, without a signed release. You will have to sign such authorization forms so that your lawyer can obtain the medical information that is relevant to your case.

If you have more questions about how best to proceed with a motorcycle injury lawsuit, contact First Coast motorcycle injury attorney John Fagan.

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