First Coast Disability Attorney John Fagan Gives Advice for Your Disability Hearing

As your hearing for Social Security disability benefits draws nearer, you may have some questions not directly related to the substance of your case. For instance, you may be wondering what you should wear or if you can bring your cell phone with you. In this article, First Coast disability attorney John Fagan gives tips on how to behave during your hearing.

When should I get there?

You should aim to be at the location given on your Notice of Hearing about a half-hour before the specified time. The Notice may tell you that you may arrive early to review your hearing exhibit file, but if you have a First Coast disability attorney, you do not have to. Your lawyer should have already reviewed your file.

However, it is very important that you are not late. Administrative law judges usually begin hearings on time, and failure to appear at the hearing on your part may hurt your odds of success.

What should I wear?

Social Security disability hearings do not require a special dress code. There is no need to rent a suit. Just wear something that you would feel comfortable wearing in an office.

Can I talk about my case outside of the hearing room?

Even though the dress is informal, Social Security disability hearings are still very serious affairs. You should observe the proper decorum. Do not discuss your case outside the hearing room where someone might overhear and get the wrong impression. There are a lot of Social Security employees working where the hearings are held, and you do not want them to overhear you making light of your case.

Can I have my cell phone with me?

You may hold on to your cell phone. Just make sure it is off or silenced before the hearing starts.

If you’ve been denied Social Security disability benefits, get the help you need from an experienced First Coast disability attorney who can help you appeal at the hearing level. Call John Fagan today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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