How Can I File a Car Accident Claim in Middleburg?

Most drivers are involved in an accident at one time or another. Many accidents are not serious and cause only minor damage. Sometimes, however, a car accident is severe, and the drivers and occupants might suffer injuries that require medical treatment. When an accident happens, one or more of the drivers may be at fault. When a driver’s negligence causes or contributes to an accident, those who were injured may be entitled to compensation. A Middleburg car accident lawyer is available to assist you after you have been injured in a collision.

There were more than 344,000 traffic crashes in Florida in 2014, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The law requires that drivers have insurance in place before they operate a motor vehicle. Insurance protects you and your passengers in the event of a collision. Many minor claims are resolved through your insurance company; however, more complicated and difficult cases may require legal attention.

No-Fault Liability Law for a Middleburg Car Accident

Florida utilizes the no-fault liability system for car accidents. This means that when you are involved in a car crash, you are covered for your injuries and losses under your insurance policy. Florida drivers must have personal injury protection (PIP) as part of their vehicle insurance plan. The no-fault system makes it easier to get money for your injuries, but it also limits  a number of damages you can recover. If your injuries were substantial and you also suffered additional losses, you may need to take legal action to get the money you deserve.

It is helpful to contact a Florida car accident lawyer as soon after the incident as possible. Your lawyer will review the details of the crash and help assess the situation. If legal action is necessary, your lawyer will guide you through the process. If the case needs to go to court, you will have to prove negligence in the accident as well as provide proof of injuries that you sustained as a result. Your lawyer can help you gather the evidence you need in order to prove that the other driver should be considered liable for your personal injuries.

Exceeding the Verbal Threshold

Car Accident Attorney in Middleburg, Florida
Were you in a car accident that was not your fault? John Fagan Accident Lawyers can help you seek compensation by filing a claim.

The law sets a limit for the specific amount of compensation that you can obtain after a car accident. These limits are known as the verbal threshold. It includes money for medical costs as well as lost wages and other damages. If a driver was fatally injured, funeral costs are covered. However, the coverage does not include compensation for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.

If your medical costs and other expenses exceed the verbal threshold, you may file a legal claim to recover your actual damages. In order to bring a Florida car accident lawsuit, you must be able to prove that your damages were higher than the fixed thresholds. If so, you might be able to obtain economic and noneconomic damages as part of a lawsuit. Noneconomic damages might be awarded if you suffered a permanent disability, significant loss of an important bodily function or disfigurement. It is also possible in cases where there was a fatality. A Middleburg car accident lawyer will review the details of your case to help determine the best course of action.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Middleburg, Florida

The first thing to do immediately after a car accident is to call the police. A police report is required for all accidents with injuries or that cause damages in excess of $500. The police will examine the scene, take witness statements and assess the situation.

If you were hurt, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible after the incident. It is important to note that some injuries may not be apparent until several or more hours after a crash. You should always get checked out by a doctor to make sure you get proper care.

The insurance company will typically discuss the accident with you and take a statement. It is wise to speak to a car accident lawyer before making a statement to the insurance company representative.  Do not admit guilt or take responsibility for the accident. Leave any conclusions up to the professionals in the case.

Get Legal Help from a Middleburg Car Accident Lawyer

Car collisions can be traumatic and when there are serious injuries, the situation can be difficult for drivers and their families. A Florida car accident lawyer will assist you throughout the entire process. Your lawyer will protect your rights and help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and damages.

If you or a loved one were seriously hurt in a collision, contact us at John Fagan Accident Lawyers for a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

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