Your Attorney’s Job

If you have been injured and are seeking compensation, your experienced Jacksonville slip and fall attorney will fight for you and help you get through this difficult time. The following are just some of the actions your attorney will take to prepare your case:

Jacksonville slip and fall attorney


  • Deciding which of the defense’s witnesses to depose.
  • Scheduling depositions with said witnesses.
  • Preparing you, your experts, and any other witnesses you may have for your depositions.
  • Your attorney will then attend and defend your depositions.
  • The depositions will then be summarized and edited for trial.



  • Your Jacksonville slip and fall attorney will research any legal issues that could be relevant to your case and the admissibility of any evidence you may have.
  • They will prepare and serve any motions they may have, including:

◦      Motion for partial summary of judgment

◦      Motion for full summary of judgment

◦      Motion to exclude any expert testimony that may adversely affect your case.

◦      And any motions for exclusion of evidence.


Final Preparations

  • Your attorney will prepare a certificate of readiness, or any other court requirement to set a trial date.
  • Alter any pleadings (if necessary).
  • Inform all witnesses of when they will be required to be at the trial.
  • Prepare all the questions for each witness and send witnesses outlines of how they may be questioned. Any hints or pretrial material they may need will also be sent.
  • Arrange for witnesses to appear in court and prepare subpoenas when necessary.
  • Meet with you and your witnesses to make sure everyone it prepared for the trial.
  • Write up jury instructions and send them to the judge and defense counsel.
  • Prepare any materials the judge may have requested.
  • Make sure they are familiar with any electronic devices in the courtroom that may be used.
  • Go over the jury list.
  • Write up questions to ask potential jurors.
  • And prepare an opening statement and closing argument.

Litigation can be an extremely difficult task, but when you’ve got a dedicated Jacksonville slip and fall attorney like John Fagan on your side, you can count on a strong defense. Call him today at 904-278-1000 for a complimentary consultation.

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