Factors That the Insurance Company Will Consider When Evaluating Your Claim

One of the most common questions faced by an accident lawyer in Orange Park is regarding what adjusters look for when evaluating claims. Here are some common factors taken into consideration:

Relationship between your medical records and your treatment: It looks suspicious if your accident attorney in Orange Park submits substantial medical bills without corresponding medical reports. The reports are what give credibility to the bills, by specifying the doctor’s diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. Without the medical reports, the insurer might not include the relevant charges.

Completeness of records: Adjusters are skeptical and meticulous by nature, and they will check to make sure that the medical records you submit are complete. If your claim includes charges which your accident lawyer in Orange Park has not provided documentation for, the adjuster may suspect that the charges have been padded or exaggerated to some degree.

Your accident attorney in Orange Park will probably send the adjuster a breakdown of expenses, in a letter or settlement notebook. It is your attorney’s job to ensure that the bills are also included with this documentation, or the adjusters might not give the record of expenses any weight.

Documentation of lost wages: It is vital that your accident lawyer in Orange Park obtain a statement from your employer if you have had to miss any work due to your injuries. Without that letter, the adjuster might not take into account your lost wages.

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