Factors Affecting the Value of Wrongful Death Claims

Generally, insurance companies will begin appraising wrongful death claims by valuating the explicit economic losses that the family of the deceased suffered. These losses include medical bills accumulated prior to death and loss of income that the deceased would have provided the family. In some cases, the insurance carrier might, as part of a settlement, agree to provide regular financial support for a dependent child’s education, or provide a widow continuing financial support.

To determine the loss of income that the family will experience, the insurance company will sometimes look at the sex of the deceased in conjunction with the deceased’s education and profession. Many insurance companies still assume that it is the male parent’s usual responsibility to provide for the family. If the deceased is female and the primary provider for the family, your personal injury attorney may have to put in extra work to convince the insurance adjusters of this fact.

Only after these factors have been considered will the insurance company look at “soft” factors, such as emotional damages, pain and suffering, etc.Floridahas laws specify and restrict the type of “soft factors” claimants can try to recover damages for when making a wrongful death claim. These complexities are part of what makes the expertise of an experienced Florida personal injury attorney invaluable in these cases.

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