What to Expect at Your Deposition in a Slip and Fall Case

Your Orange Park personal injury attorney will explain that there are many topics of inquiry the defendant’s lawyer will explore at your deposition in a slip and fall case.

Among them:

Was there any invitation or permission granted to you to be on the premises when the incident occurred?
The primary issue here is that your legal status on the property may determine the defendant’s duty to you. Whether your status was that of a trespasser, invitee, licensee or employee, the defendant may have a correspondingly different duty, which may be greater or lesser.

What were the weather conditions on the day and at the time of the incident?
The temperature and precipitation if any may have affected either the premises where the incident occurred, or you, or perhaps both.

Describe in detail the place where the incident occurred
Your Orange Park personal injury attorney may at this point ask you to produce any photographs you may have of the scene or review those that may be provided by the defense. You will be asked to:

• Describe the surface of the floor
• Describe any furnishings or equipment present
• Describe any objects on the floor
• Describe any obstructions, either physically on the floor, visual or audible
• Describe what you were doing and looking at immediately prior to the fall

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