Everything You Should Know About Workers’ Compensation Claims

Have you been injured while on the job?

Workers’ Comp Claims in Clay County, Florida

We serve Orange Park, Fleming Island, Middleburg, and Green Cove Springs, Florida. Keep reading for the guide to workers’ comp claims in Florida.

Some of the most common industries in Clay County also account for the most common job injuries in Florida.

Eligibility Requirements for Workers’ Comp in Florida

You will be afforded coverage if you are hurt while on the job. Injuries can vary, and your employment type does not matter. Under Florida law, all employers must provide coverage to their employees for injury-related accidents regardless of their status. This means that full-time, part-time as well as temporary employees are entitled to Workers’ Comp benefits.

In Florida, the only type of employee exempt from an employer’s workers’ compensation coverage are independent contract employees. These employees are not considered direct workers of the company. The laws for workers’ comp in the state do not cover these types of employees. Consult with us so we can determine if you are eligible for benefits for your injuries.

All accidents are also covered by workers’ compensation regardless if the employee made an error that caused the accident. The only time that Florida does not provide benefits for injuries sustained as a result of an on-the-job injury is if the employee was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Violation of workplace rules can nullify eligibility and prevent benefits from being paid.

Don’t take it upon yourself to determine if your on-the-job injury qualifies for workers’ compensation. Instead, let us do that for you. We are experienced in cases like these and the consultation is FREE!

Workers’ Comp Coverage in Florida

There are several types of benefits paid to employees injured from a work-related accident. Workers’ Comp benefits pay for medical bills as well as provide income if you are unable to work because of your injuries.

Any treatment received for your injuries must be provided by an approved medical professional cleared by your employer and their insurance provider. This will allow for complete coverage of your medical care and ensure paid expenses for your medical coverage. Failing to see a doctor that has been approved by your employer can result in non-payment of your medical expenses. These expenses would have to be paid by you out-of-pocket with no benefits provided to cover the costs.

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