The First Evaluation in Personal Injury Cases

When you meet your Orange Park injury lawyer for the first time, two crucial things will happen. One, you will determine if this is the right person to legally represent you. Two, the lawyer will decide if it is in his best interests to take your case.

First Evaluation

As a rule, an Orange Park injury lawyer only accepts “winnable” cases (i.e., ones that result in a payoff for the lawyer). The lawyer will be looking at what type of client you are and whether taking on the case would result in a profit for the firm.

The lawyer must see if your claims sound feasible or if he feels you’re exaggerating. He also needs to assess whether you will make a sympathetic storyteller – one that can win the hearts and minds of jurors. Finally, he wants to see if you can clearly and concisely express what happened to you.

Looking at Insurance Coverage and Injuries

Be sure to bring your insurance information to the first meeting with a lawyer – he needs to know the amount of coverage that you have. He also will try to figure out how much future treatment you will need, and how that may translate into eligibility for a settlement or award.

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