Elements that a Personal Injury Lawyer Might Focus On

In a personal injury case, the first thing that a Jacksonville personal injury lawyer might do is determine a claimant’s liability to judge the case’s strength. Afterwards, he or she may analyze the defendant’s background and several other factors to estimate a potential settlement amount.

Determining a Claimant’s Liability

A Jacksonville personal injury lawyer will examine who is responsible for causing the incident and the claimant’s injuries. Both attorneys and insurance adjusters—who represent insurance companies’ interests—analyze liability to support their arguments for or against a settlement.

For instance, if a Jacksonville personal injury attorney can demonstrate that the claimant is an unfortunate victim who did not cause the accident, he or she could argue that the insurance company owes financial compensation as part of the claimant’s insurance coverage.

Investigating the Incident

A Jacksonville personal injury lawyer may investigate the incident and review the following case elements when considering liability.

  • Witness statements describing the accident
  • How the claimant’s actions may have contributed to the incident
  • The plaintiff’s insurance coverage
  • The possibility that a third party might be responsible for damages

Your Jacksonville personal injury attorney could gather this information and create a detailed report to present to the insurance adjuster.

A Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer Could Evaluate the Defendant and Other Cases

If the defendant is a prominent public figure or has undergone costly personal injury trials before, he or she may be more willing to settle favorably in order to avoid the hassle of a trial. Therefore, a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer will most likely examine the defendant’s background throughout the course of a case.


After doing this and prior to approaching an insurance adjuster regarding a settlement, a Jacksonville personal injury lawyer might also look into the settlement values of similar personal injury cases to form a better estimate of the claimant’s potential settlement amount.

Let an Expert Take the Reigns

A seasoned Jacksonville personal injury lawyer will be more adept at investigating a case and negotiating with insurance adjusters than the average claimant. Call (904) 278-1000 and let a practiced attorney from the John Fagan Accident Lawyers look into your case today.

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