Deposition Tips


When you decide to pursue a personal injury lawsuit, your Orange Park injury attorney will help you prepare for the long and tedious process of litigation. At some point, you will have to sit for a deposition, which is the oral testimony you give before the trial begins. The insurance company’s attorney will ask you questions about the case, and your answers will be recorded by a court recorder or on tape. You will be sworn in and asked to sign an affidavit attesting to the accuracy of the printed transcript of your testimony.

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Defense Will Size You Up

The defense counsel will use the deposition to size you up before trial. The defense will want to know what kind of witness you appear to be, how prepared and credible you are, and how believable the jury will find you. If you appear unprepared and unable to answer simple questions, the value of your case will drop dramatically.


Re-Read Your Answers to Interrogatories

To avoid this and maximize the amount of damages you can expect, it is a good idea to re-read your answers to interrogatories a few times before the deposition to ensure that you are familiar with your answers and can refer to them consistently. Dress appropriately as if you were going to a job interview, and make sure to speak clearly and answer questions with good enunciation and clarity. It is extremely important you answer all questions truthfully and accurately, even if you think it may hurt your case.

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