Your Deposition in a Slip and Fall Case

Your personal injury lawyer in Orange Park will prepare you for your deposition, not by telling you what to say or rehearsing you, but by explaining to you the types of questions you will likely be asked by the defendant’s attorney.

Among the more common are:

Have you ever been involved in a slip and fall case previously?

  • Have you fallen in the past without sustaining injuries?
  • Were you ever injured in slip and fall prior to this incident?

What was your physical condition at the time of the slip and fall incident?

  • What did you do the day and night before the slip and fall incident?  Work? Other activities?
  • How long did you sleep the night before?  How well did you sleep?
  • Did you have any eye problems the day of the incident?  Were you wearing glasses?
  • What drugs or medications did you use within 48 hours prior to the incident?
  • Was there any personal issue that may have caused you to be distracted?

What type of shoes were you wearing at the time of the slip and fall?

  • What condition were the shoes in at the time of the incident?
  • Was there a substance or liquid on the shoes at the time of the incident?
  • Did anyone see the shoes after the incident?
  • Were the shoes worn or repaired after the incident?

Your personal injury lawyer in Orange Park may ask you to bring the shoes to the deposition.

What route did you take on the day of the incident?

  • Where exactly did you go within two hours prior to the incident?
  • What exactly was your route after entering the defendant’s premises until the moment of the incident?
  • When, if ever, have you been on the premises prior to the incident?

A full understanding of the stages of a personal injury case is important.  John Fagan, a personal injury lawyer in Orange Park, provides counsel on all personal injury matters.  You may contact Mr. Fagan at (904) 215-5555 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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