The Deposition Process

Under the rules of practice in most states, each party can depose the opposing party as well as any witnesses. This means you may be required to appear at a specified time and place to give your oral testimony under oath, which will be recorded and transcribed for future use in the lawsuit. An accidents lawyer in Orange Park can prepare you for a deposition.

What Happens in a Deposition?
The basic rule of a deposition is that the questions asked have to be relevant to the case and/or capable of leading to the discovery of relevant facts. If you are being deposed, an attorney representing the opposing party will ask you questions relating to the accident and injuries suffered that are the basis of this lawsuit. Your attorneys lawyer in Orange Park will attend the deposition with you.

The deposition will probably be videotaped and your testimony will be recorded by an official court reporter to prepare a written transcript of the testimony. You will be able to review the transcript and make corrections.

What is the Purpose of the Deposition?
A deposition is used to probe the recollection of the witness. This will help the lawyers to prepare for trial. The deposition also shows the lawyers if you will be a good witness at trial. Basically, you are being deposed for one or more of the following reasons:

• To ascertain what facts you know regarding the issues in the lawsuit;
• To nail down your answers under oath so you cannot change them later;
• To ferret out information you may have that is favorable to the opposition;
• To find ways to discredit you and/or your testimony;
• To find ways to discredit the testimony given by other witnesses regarding the same issues; and
• To get an overall impression of how you present yourself and to make an assessment as to whether or not you will be credible before a judge or jury at trial.

Your deposition can either help or hurt your case, depending on the way you present yourself. Hopefully the deposition will advance your case by promoting a settlement or assisting your attorney in trial preparation.

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