Demand Letters in Car Accident Cases

orange park auto accident attorneyAs a precursor to litigation, an Orange Park auto accident attorney may submit a demand letter to the other side. Such a letter can establish the foundation for subsequent negotiations and resolution of the claim.

Preparation for the Letter

Your Orange Park auto accident attorney may recommend that you do not submit a demand letter until a physician has released you from his or her care or if you have reached the maximum healing expected in your treatment. Provide your attorney with all of the evidence possible to support your demand for damages, including medical records, medical bills, information from your employer regarding lost wages, witness statements, and doctor’s notes related to your recovery and any further treatment.

Summary of the Facts

Your Orange Park auto accident lawyer can explain that it is best to submit the facts in an objective manner. This gives the insurance company a chance to see how this information may be relayed to a jury. Include information about the direction that you were heading, the direction the other driver was heading, weather conditions and any actions you took to avoid the accident. Include the police report and witness statements to support your contentions.

Medical Treatment

In order to help establish your full claim for damages, your Orange Park auto accident attorney will need objective evidence of your damages. One of the primary forms of damages that you sustained includes any medical expenses you incurred for the treatment of injuries caused in the automotive accident. Include an itemized list of medical expenses, including the cost of ambulance transport, prescription medicine and medical aids you used like crutches. Include all expenses even if your insurance company covered them. Also, list the pain and other symptoms you experienced from your injuries.

Lost Income

You also need to detail any incomethat you lost because of the accident. Give your attorney information and evidence to show how much time you had to lose from work due to the accident and your regular wages. Your employer can help provide you with this information.

Miscellaneous Losses

If you have suffered any other kind of loss due to the accident, include this information. For example, the accident may have prevented you from being able to enjoy hobbies that you used to enjoy or may have affected your relationship with your spouse or children.

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