When Defense Lawyers Ask Inappropriate Deposition Questions

In a personal injury case, the defense counsel can use many different legal tactics to see that you are denied compensation. Fortunately, skilled Orange Park injury lawyers know how to deal with these tactics. The following is one of the most commonly-seen during depositions. 

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Using the Phrase “If You Know”

Sometimes, the plaintiff’s Orange Park injury lawyers will depose a defendant, and each time the lawyers ask a question, the defense counsel interrupts. This interruption is usually to instruct the defendant to respond only “if they know” (the answer to the question). This is often a not-so-subtle hint to the defendant not to answer the question, and defendants tend to pick up on it quite readily. They reply that they, in fact, do not know the answer to the question that was just asked.

The problem with this tactic is that the defense counsel is not allowed to coach clients during the deposition. The counsel is well aware of this. If the defendant’s attorney continues to do so, the plaintiff’s attorney can ask for court sanctions under the Federal or State Rule 30(d) or Rule 37. To request such sanctions is an extreme approach, and often the mere suggestion that it will be done is enough to stop any coaching by opposing counsel.

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