Defense Attorneys Make More at Trial

Defense attorneys make a living doing what they do best: litigating cases. Your Jacksonville injury attorney wants you to be aware of that dynamic. Attorneys bill by the hour and this may mean that defense counsel for the insurer has little incentive to settle your case quickly.

Once your personal injury attorney files a lawsuit on your behalf, be prepared to go all the way to trial, because the other side may not be motivated to settle—even if you are.

Some Insurers Won’t Settle Small Cases

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Your Jacksonville injury attorney knows how insurance companies and their defense firms operate. Some insurance companies are very conservative and seldom settle personal injury claims. The best approach in your case may depend on which insurer is involved. Depending on the particular company (ask your lawyer for details) the carrier may have a business practice of not settling small to medium range injury cases. Soft tissue injuries in particular may be difficult to settle.

Claimants without lawyers will not have the strength to fight in court and the insurer knows they will accept nearly any offer. The insurer also expects that most personal injury lawyers want to settle claims to avoid taking a suit to trail. It is for this reason that you need an experiencedJacksonvilleinjury attorney to represent your claim if you want the compensation that you deserve.

An Injury Attorney Will Help You and Your Claim

Since neither side has many secrets in their motivations, that makes it even more vital to your case that you work with a qualified attorney who will take the time and effort needed to prevail. If you have been injured, please call John Fagan Accident Lawyers at 904-278-1000. As soon as you call, you’re granted a free, no-obligation consultation with a Jacksonville injury attorney; after you receive legal advice, you can make your next move from there.

There’s Never a Fee Unless We Get Money For You

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