What Happens to the Defendant in a Personal Injury Case?

Personal injury plaintiffs are often curious about what happens to the defendant or opposing party in a personal injury case, and a Jacksonville slip and fall attorney can tell you the answer.

Jacksonville Slip and Fall Attorneys Discuss the First Step

After your accident, the person, people, or company that you allegedly caused you harm will be contacted by the insurance company. Then, this defendant gives a statement to the insurance adjuster assigned to the claim. At times, these statements will be electronically recorded and then transcribed onto paper. If you want to know what happened in your particular case, you will need to talk to your Jacksonville slip and fall attorney.

Jacksonville Slip and Fall Attorneys Explain What Comes Next

The defendants typically continue with their everyday lives, hoping the insurance company will settle the case without having to involve them or your Jacksonville slip and fall lawyers. These parties will likely have very little contact, if any, with their insurance companies. If the case does not settle, that is when the defendant will have to be part of the trial that follows and thus participate in the litigation process. The defendant is the one whom the trial is really about, even if his or her insurance carrier ends up paying the claim on his or her behalf.

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