Defend Against False Testimony with a Skilled Jacksonville Accident Attorney

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Just because a person is under oath doesn’t mean they’ll always be telling the truth. As your experienced Jacksonville accident attorney will tell you, there are many cases where the defendants have “stretched the truth” in order to avoid responsibility for the claims. It’s the role of your Jacksonville accident lawyer to uncover the truth. This will be accomplished with your testimony and the evidence.

Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands

Can a lie be turned around? It absolutely can with the right Jacksonville accident attorney on your side. Those defendant falsehoods could come about in the deposition phase. If you’re clear with your facts, then it might mean that your Jacksonville accident lawyer will have to move forward with a lawsuit in order to get at the truth.

The last thing you want to do is contact the persons or company involved in your case on your own. Your Jacksonville accident attorney will warn you that this could upend your entire case. Even if you’re not under oath or in a courtroom, any statement you make can be used against you. This is why all communication should go through your attorney.

Let Your Jacksonville Accident Attorney Handle the Case

Although it can be frustrating when someone doesn’t tell the truth, you need to let your Jacksonville accident attorney handle the case. John Fagan Accident Lawyers have the experience to see through the falsehoods. Reach out to them today by calling their offices at 904-278-1000 to discuss your case. Start with the right defense.

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