Dealing With Large Insurance Carriers

It is important to have reasonable expectations in mind when it comes to negotiating the settlement of your personal injury case. What you can expect will depend on the kind of insurance company you are dealing with. Some companies are extremely averse to settling small-to-medium cases while others are more open to it.

Unfortunately, if you are dealing with a larger, conservative carrier and you are unable to reach a settlement agreement, you and your Jacksonville personal injury attorney may need to file a lawsuit. The insurance carrier may not take your case seriously until you do as litigation is the only language that they respect.

Dealing with Skepticism
Insurance carriers are notoriously skeptical of unproven claims of pain and suffering, especially when it comes to soft-tissue injuries that cannot be documented with medical evidence or injuries requiring chiropractic treatment. They will probably scrutinize your file closely and question anything that seems like it does not have ample objective medical evidence behind it or anything that has even a little room to question liability.

You might try to make your case and argue that your claims are genuine, but depending on the carrier, it may be a waste of time. The carrier may never come through with a reasonable settlement offer that takes your pain and suffering into account. When this happens, you may decide to go forward with a lawsuit.

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