Dealing with Forgetful Witnesses

A Jacksonville injury lawyer can determine which witnesses are forgetful by the number of times they reply with “I don’t remember” to the lawyer’s inquires. If the witnesses are telling the truth, then such responses are appropriate. But when witnesses clearly do remember the events or details in questions, and claim that they don’t, then those witnesses are lying.

Handling Forgetful Witnesses

A skilled Jacksonville injury lawyer can often tell if witnesses are telling lies (as opposed to being genuinely forgetful) or confused about the case. If forgetfulness is truly at the heart of the matter, an attorney can show documents or data to assist with recollection, or describe the testimony of other witnesses in the case.

An attorney can also help witnesses remember by proceeding with questions similar to the one troubling the witness. He can then come back to the original question with the hopes that previous inquires jogged the witness’s memory. Finally, an attorney can ask a witness point blank if there is anything that could be done, specifically, to help recall details surrounding the event. Then it is up to the witness to make suggestions in this area.

For Questions and Assistance

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