Credibility of Your Medical Evidence

There are a number of circumstances in which the medical evidence in your Florida personal injury claim may raise undue suspicion from the insurance adjuster. These circumstances include the following:

  • There are issues with your medical care provider. If your doctor does not have a permanent office, or if the hospital he practices at has multiple names or has changed names often, the insurance adjuster will be suspicious that you are producing fraudulent evidence of your medical care. If there are any such discrepancies in your medical records, your First Coast personal injury attorney will need to account for them and preempt the adjuster’s suspicions.
  • You have received treatment that patients with your injury usually do not get. Insurance companies are always wary of claimants fraudulently inflating their claim with unnecessary medical procedures, and if you have undergone unusual treatment, the adjuster will probably scrutinize your case more closely.
  • Your medical expenses are not consistent with the property damage from the accident. Adjusters tend to erroneously assume that in a car accident, if the damage to your vehicle was light, the damage to your body must also be light. Any medical professional can tell you that this is not the case, but when you incur $7,000 in medical fees for a $900 impact, the insurance adjuster will likely become suspicious.

With experienced First Coast personal injury attorney John Fagan working your case, you can collect the money you deserve even if the insurance company is stonewalling you due to their unfounded suspicions. Call the law office of John Fagan today for a free initial consultation.

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