Crash: Everything You Need to Know About Car Crash Side Effects

If you are experiencing side effects after a car crash you are not alone. Hopefully, though, you were wearing your seatbelt and your healing process has begun. Now is an important time to listen to your body and keep a daily journal to record your pain, both physical and mental. Make note of even minor things that may or may not be tied to the accident. Car crash side effects are numerous and not always obvious.

Side Effects of Physical Injuries
Headaches are a common side effect after a car crash. While our skull generally does a good job of protecting one of our most vital organs, it cannot defend against the strong forces generated in a car accident.A headache can be a sign of a more serious problem, such as bleeding in the brain, blood clots, or traumatic brain injury.

Not all head injuries are easily detected after a car crash. The initial shock suffered may mask the pain caused by a minor blow to the head. Although the NIH now ranks concussions among traumatic brain injuries, not all concussions leave you unconscious. A minor concussion will not cause unconsciousness, only fogginess and the loss of clear thinking for less than fifteen minutes. A moderate concussion will not cause unconsciousness but will cause mental confusion, loss of the ability to think clearly and memory loss for more than fifteen minutes. A severe concussion will cause unconsciousness, memory loss, and trouble thinking upon waking up.

Whiplash and Neck Pain
The human head weighs as much as a bowling ball and the neck has to constantly support that weight. It’s no wonder whiplash and neck injuries are such common side effects of a car crash. Whiplash is commonly suffered by those who have been rear-ended. Most whiplash injuries occur in accidents under 12 MPH! Symptoms of whiplash may appear long after the accident so be sure to mention any stiffness or pain in your neck to your doctor.

Abdominal Pain
Seatbelts will greatly reduce bodily injury during a car wreck, but they can also cause harm. Tell your doctor if you have dark blue or black bruises across your abdomen, chest, or shoulder. They can be signs of internal bleeding.It is important to remember that bruises will not appear at the time of the accident but will develop over the coming hours. Check these areas of your body for bruising and contact your doctor for proper diagnosis and documentation of your injuries.

Spinal Misalignment
The strong directional forces acting on our body during a car wreck, even at low speeds, are often more than our spines can withstand.Lower back pain is caused by an out-of-place vertebrate pressing against the nerves in the spinal column.What effects does this have? Aside from feeling pain, the pressure will interfere with your nervous system. When you cannot send proper nerve messages, then other parts of your body will not function at 100%.

Psychological Side Effects
While most of the physical effects of a car accident are apparent, emotional effects are just as common and less obvious. Car crashes are a traumatic event and even a minor one can have lasting effects on your mental health. You may experience severe anxiety, depression, uncontrollable thoughts about the accident, flashbacks, and feelings of guilt, even if the accident wasn’t your fault.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is usually thought of only occurring in soldiers who have witnessed the horrors of war. But PTSD can manifest in anyone who has witnessed or experienced a traumatic event.Even if you don’t live in a no-fault state, you may be able to hold another driver accountable for these less-obvious mental stressors.

How Can I “Return to Normal?”
Car accidents are dangerous and traumatic events that will have lasting effects whether we want them to or not. The extent of injury and suffering differs from person to person but there is a lot of available help to get you through this tough time.If you are suffering from any of these car crash side effects or have further questions after your car accident please get in touch.You can speak with us for free. Call 904 LAW-1212 anytime, day or night.

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