Contact with the Tortfeasor

Generally speaking, in the majority of cases, the truth of the matter is revealed and the case is settled in some way. Your First Coast personal injury attorney will carefully investigate your claim and obtain whatever witnesses, evidence, facts, and applicable law possible in order to support the truthful account of the incident. However, it is entirely possible that the tortfeasor in your case will not relay an honest account of the incident that caused your injury.

The tortfeasor is the person, persons, or party that is allegedly responsible for the incident that caused your personal injury; therefore, the tortfeasor is the defendant in your personal injury case. In many personal injury cases, the tortfeasor may not relay an entirely accurate or even an untruthful account of the incident that caused the injury in question. Even in cases where it is obvious that someone was responsible for the incident, it is human nature for the person in question to deny liability, blame, or fault for it. An experienced First Coast personal injury lawyer will be used to dealing with tortfeasors who do not tell the truth.

As frustrated as you might be with the tortfeasor, it is not a good idea for you to contact him directly. Any contact with the person or persons responsible for your injuries could jeopardize the settlement in your case. This is because anything you say to the tortfeasor, even something that might seem like an innocent comment, could be misconstrued and then used against you.

If the tortfeasor’s account and not yours is the one that is deemed accurate by the insurance carrier, then you will proceed to the litigation phase and trial, if necessary. For the legal help that you will need to lead to the best possible outcome in your personal injury case, contact First Coast personal injury attorney John Fagan.

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