How to Conduct Yourself While Giving Testimony

personal injury attorney in JacksonvilleYour testimony is the opportunity to convey your story using your own words. Many times jurors will focus closely on a plaintiff’s behavior during testimony and will either find a plaintiff’s case to be more or less believable based on what they observe. If you are testifying during your trial, it is important that you spend a significant amount of time preparing for your testimony with your personal injury attorney in Jacksonville. While preparation cannot prepare you for everything, it can help you anticipate the types of questions you can expect to receive and make you feel more comfortable about telling your story.

Important Tips to Keep in Mind

There is no universal method by which testimony should be delivered but there are certain behaviors that are never acceptable for a witness to engage in.

Arguing with Opposing Counsel

A trial is an adversarial process and you cannot expect opposing counsel to go easy on you. If there is an opening to attack some portion of your testimony, you can expect opposing counsel to do just that. As a witness, it is important that you always keep your cool and never engage in an argument with opposing counsel. If opposing counsel is overstepping the line, you can expect that your personal injury attorney in Jacksonville will make the appropriate objection.

Bringing Documents to the Deposition Room without Your Attorney’s Consent

This is a huge mistake that many clients make. Any documents that you bring to the deposition room are discoverable. This means that opposing counsel can ask to obtain a copy and review the documents. This applies even if the document would not have been otherwise discoverable. If you have documents that you want to share with your personal injury lawyer in Jacksonville, discuss it with them before the deposition and most certainly before your case goes to trial. If you need documents to help recall certain events or data, discuss that with your attorney as well. Err on the side of caution and bring absolutely nothing with you except what your attorney approves.

Not Telling the Truth

The worst thing that you can do as a witness is ruin your credibility by giving testimony that is not true. No matter what the question is or how detrimental you think the answer could be to your case, you must always tell the truth. If a problem is created, your attorney will find a way to try to minimize the damage but you must never knowingly tell a lie while giving testimony. If you cannot recall something it is ok to say so. Never make up facts or exaggerate details. Doing so will never help your case.

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