Common Types of Car Accidents in Palatka, Florida

Given the varied circumstances surrounding auto accidents, it comes as no surprise that there are various types of car accidents reported in Palatka, Florida. A driver on any public road, interstate, or highway faces the risk of getting into an auto accident day in and day out. And with various factors influencing car collisions and crashes, it helps for any Florida resident to be extra cautious when operating a vehicle.

The Types of Car Accidents Typically Reported in Palatka, Florida

Although car accidents are common in all states, including in Palatka, Florida, auto accidents often occur in a number of ways. Some of the more common types of car accidents in the state are the following:

Head-on collisions

A head-on collision is one of the more serious types of car accidents, often resulting in death or grave physical injuries. It happens when the front-end part of one car crashes head on with another, resulting in serious impact.

Rear-end collisions

Auto accidents resulting in rear-end collisions occur when one vehicle hits another vehicle from behind. This type of collision is often the result of tailgating another vehicle, or failing to maintain a safe distance. Although auto accidents such as these often occur at slow speeds, they can still be devastating in terms of physical injuries and property damage.  

Car Wreck Lawyer for Types of Car Accidents in Palatka, Florida
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Side-impact accidents

These types of car accidents result from the inability of one driver to yield to another when at an intersection. It is possible that the offending driver was distracted and did not see a light change or that they were driving so fast that they were unable to stop in time.

Left-turn impacts

In a left-turn crash, a vehicle attempting to make a left turn is greeted head-on by a speeding driver into the intersection. The impact may be strongest on the front end and side of the vehicle.

Single-vehicle accidents

Auto accidents that do not involve another vehicle are termed as single-vehicle accidents. In Palatka, Florida, some examples of these types of car accidents include crashing into a tree, bumping into a road post, or spinning on road ice.

Multi-vehicle collisions

In multi-vehicle auto accidents, the collision involves more than one or two vehicles. Multiple crashes often occur on busy interstates or highways where one collision can lead to a succeeding, inevitable crash.

The Laws That Govern Most Types of Car Accidents in Palatka, Florida

Despite the various types of car accidents that occur in Palatka, Florida, the same laws govern your ability to seek compensation for your injuries. Whether you are at fault in the accident or not, the no-fault insurance law of the state guarantees compensation from your insurance carrier. No matter which kind of accident you have found yourself in, you can file a claim through the Personal Injury Protection coverage of your insurance policy.

On the other hand, if another driver has damaged your property through their own negligence, then their insurance carrier is responsible for paying out compensation to the injured party through their Property Damage Liability policy.

Can I Seek Additional Personal Injury Compensation from the Other Driver?

Yes. The most basic compensation you are entitled to will be coming from your own insurance carrier, which takes care of personal injuries. You will also be able to recover compensation from the other driver’s insurance carrier, specifically for property damage.

However, you can also sue the other driver and seek out additional compensation for your personal injuries if you believe that his or her negligence is mainly responsible for huge losses on your part. For this, you need the help of a dedicated car accident lawyer.

Choosing a Committed Lawyer for Various Types of Car Accidents

The crucial thing about a car accident is that even a seemingly harmless collision can result in damage to property and intangible physical consequences such as trauma.

No matter which type of vehicular accident you or a family member gets entangled in, you need reliable legal representation. A trusted attorney will help you every step of the way, whether you opt for a settlement or court litigation.

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Since a car accident can occur in a number of ways, you need a Florida car wreck lawyer to investigate your specific case and bring to light sufficient evidence to prove the other driver was responsible. If you or a loved one have been hurt in a car accident in Palatka, Florida, you need the trusted counsel and legal help of a car accident lawyer right away.

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