Common Insurance Adjuster Traps: Medical Authorization Forms

One trap that the other party’s insurance adjuster might set for you is a medical authorization form. The insurance adjuster might try to tell you that you are legally required to sign the form if you want to make a motorcycle injury claim and allude to a nebulous “cooperation clause.” The insurance adjuster might assure you that cooperating by signing whatever forms he wants you to sign is the best way to receive prompt payment. He might also tell you that signing the form authorizes him to do all of the work involved in the lengthy claims process, and all you will have to do is sit back and receive payment.

Do not fall for this. None of these claims are true. It becomes obvious that signing these forms is a bad idea after just a short look at what these forms actually say and what they allow the insurance company to do.

Medical authorization forms allow the insurance company to access your medical records, not just the documents that pertain to your motorcycle accident. Often these forms are worded in a way that gives the insurance company unlimited and permanent access to your medical history.

The insurance company has no incentive to act in your best interest. It will use any information it can find to try to cast doubt on your claim. For example, the insurance company might use a similar injury you had years ago to try to claim that your condition is reoccurring.

You and your First Coast motorcycle injury attorney should carefully read any form that the insurance company tries to have you sign. Look for any language that might give the insurance company more access to your medical records than it absolutely needs. If your First Coast motorcycle injury attorney finds the forms unsatisfactory, demand that the insurance company give you a new agreement.

Do not be bullied by insurance companies. Make sure you have an experienced First Coast motorcycle injury attorney to advocate for you. If you have been injured, call attorney John Fagan for a free consultation.

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