Classifying mild to moderate pain

If you are seeking legal counsel for injuries you have received, classifying your pain is an important step in reaching a settlement. An qualified Jacksonville injury lawyer can advise you on the use of this medical classification in a personal injury trial.

Evaluating mild pain

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Pain is categorized into four general classes. The first, mild pain, must meet certain criteria. Using a scale of intensity and frequency to determine severity, mild pain may be established via a physical examination that tests limitations and reactions. For example, if the patient exhibits few reactions to the pain, and few “over-expressions” such as grimacing or moaning, the pain may be classified as mild. The injured party expresses little distress, and does not experience much aggravation during daily activities. Lastly, to qualify as mild pain, the injured party’s pain must not require regular medical treatment. Your Jacksonville injury lawyer will look over these medical documents when preparing your case, and utilize the data to obtain a corresponding settlement.

Evaluating moderate pain

To determine moderate pain, you may consult much of the same criteria listed above for mild pain. For example, moderate pain is also measured on a scale of severity that examines intensity and frequency. However, the injured party must demonstrate difficulty conducting daily activities, and a moderate reaction to pain, including “pain behaviors,” under examination. Should your injury also require consistent medical treatment, your pain may qualify as moderate pain.

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