Big Brother Is Watching: When Insurance Companies Use Surveillance

Orange Park Personal Injury LawyerNo matter how honest you and your Orange Park personal injury lawyer are, no matter how much you tell the whole truth and send everything to the insurance company right away, there is always a chance they will find something suspicious about your case.

If they do, your Orange Park personal injury lawyer will work to ease their concerns. But sometimes an insurer decides that’s not enough and targets a claimant for a “sub rosa investigation,” or surveillance.

There are some red flags that pop up from time to time that tend to make insurers look twice at your file and want to investigate you further. These are not all of them, and your Orange Park personal injury attorney will try to help you avoid appearing to fall into any of these traps, but be aware of them just in case.

• Weather coming on: A claimant who alleges that neck and back problems are flaring up again just before cold weather hits, or before a workforce layoff happens, sometimes gets examined. The timing looks a little convenient to them even if your Orange Park personal injury lawyer can provide documentation of your injuries.
• Frequent injuries: If you have a long history of the same type of recurring injury, adjusters will wonder if they are genuine or if something else is behind the pattern. Your Orange Park personal injury attorney should be able to explain why the history is nothing unusual.
• Working together: Some doctors and lawyers are suspected by claimants to work together to send patients to one another and game the system to get their clients larger settlements. Your Orange Park personal injury lawyer should be able to defuse any such concerns.
• The workout test: Some claimants don’t pay attention to appearances. If a claimant alleges he is disabled but is seen running around in a workout suit, adjusters might notice and wonder how disabled he really is and whether his Orange Park personal injury attorney is hiding something.
• Storied history: You might be surprised to find out there is a large centralized database of all bodily injury claims in the country, which all insurers have access to. It may store records such as your Orange Park personal injury lawyer, your doctor and the type of injury you have. If your file shows a lengthy history of prior claims for lots of accidents, you may just be really unlucky, but the insurance company might not think so.

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