Benefits Delays

Errors happen, and sometimes it takes longer than expected for benefits to be paid after the judge has awarded them to you. Let your Jacksonville Social Security disability law office know if several months have passed without payment.Jacksonville Social Security Disability Law Office

Congressional Office
Your attorney can begin by contacting a congressional office and speaking with the staff member specializing in SSA issues.

Local Social Security Office
A supervisor at your local Social Security is another contact option who can look into your case for you and contact the payment center on your behalf.

Payment Center
Your attorney may want to send a fax directly to the payment center himself. This option is recommended by SSA if you have not received a Notice of Award, and it has been greater than 45 days since the judge approved your benefits. If no response is received, your attorney should send another fax, including a copy of the first fax, 45 days later to the attention of the module manager. A third fax should be sent 45 days from the date of the second fax, this time to the attention of the Division Program manager. Your attorney’s fourth, and hopefully final, fax should be sent 45 days from the date of the third to the Center for Program Support and should include all previous faxes.

After Approval
As you can see, even after being approved for benefits your Jacksonville Social Security disability lawyer will be an invaluable asset to your claim. For more information, call disability lawyer John Fagan today at 904-278-1000.

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