How Will I Pay Medical Bills After My Injury?

If you have been injured in an auto accident, a First Coast auto accident lawyer may be able to help you through the process of filing a personal injury lawsuit for damages and medical expenses. While your lawsuit is ongoing, though, you will likely be receiving medical treatment and wondering how you are supposed to pay the medical bills you incur during the process. Your First Coast auto accident lawyer will discuss your options with you, but generally, they include:

  • Your current health insurance through your employer, or an individual plan you purchase yourself.
  • Your health insurance provided by your spouse (or spouse’s employer), or your parents if you are still a dependent and covered by their policy.
  • Medical payments insurance coverage through your auto insurance. This may apply if you were either the driver or a passenger in the vehicle.
  • Your personal funds out of pocket, if you do not have sufficient insurance.
  • If the injury occurred while you were working at your place of employment, workers’ compensation insurance.
  • The liability insurance of the person or persons responsible for the accident; this would likely only be paid upon settlement of the case, rather than while you incur medical expenses.

Which of the above methods will be used to pay your medical bills will depend on the specific circumstances of your case and what applicable forms of insurance the parties in your case hold. If there is no insurance, save your bills to be paid later if and when your case settles. If you have more questions about your specific case, contact First Coast auto accident lawyer John Fagan for a free evaluation.

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