Attorney’s Evaluation Checklist

The following include some of the different factors your Orange Park injury lawyer will take into account when considering whether or not to take your case.

Orange Park injury lawyer

Incident date


If you wait too long to contact your Orange Park injury lawyer, the statute of limitations may run out and you will no longer be able to sue. Or, if you decide to take on the case yourself, you may do things or make mistakes that are impossible or very difficult to rectify.


The cause of the incident


The cause is very important when determining liability. An Orange Park injury lawyer may not be interested in your case if you are the sole person at fault for your injuries. A lawyer may suspect that you may be difficult to work with if you are evasive or provide few about the cause of the incident; as a result, he or she may be reluctant to accept your case.




Your Orange Park injury lawyer will want to know if the incident occurred in the same (or nearby) county where his or her office is located to determine the convenience of trying your case.


Injuries involved


If you have not yet had a doctor examine the injuries you suffered, your Orange Park injury lawyer, as well as an insurance adjuster and the jury, will most likely not believe that your injuries are serious. Your lawyer will also want to know how well you can explain your injuries.


Current physical complaints


In order to assess your damages, your lawyer will need to know your current physical condition. Is your condition expected to get better, or is it stabilized? Will you need continuous treatment, or are your disabilities permanent?




For serious incidents, your Orange Park injury lawyer will want to interview any witnesses or have an investigator interview them as soon as is feasible.


If you would like to visit with a knowledgeable and competent Orange Park injury lawyer about your personal injury case, please contact John Fagan by calling 904-278-1000.

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