Assisting Your Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injuries can be devastating. Endless doctor visits, pain, restrictions on your lifestyle – they can all take a toll. You need a First Coast personal injury attorney who will help you get the compensation you deserve. However, once you do hire an attorney, there are things you will be asked to do to assist with your case.

Probably the most important thing you can do from the outset to help your First Coast personal injury attorney is to keep thorough documentation of everything related to your case:
• Detail all medical appointments, including physician names, dates, treatment, medication prescribed, and follow-up treatment recommended.
• Keep records of all lost work time. Have copies of old paycheck stubs to turn over to your lawyer. Indicate for each incidence of work time missed, the reason, date, and number of hours.
• Make a list of all witnesses who can attest to your injuries.
• Maintain correspondence with, and return all phone calls to, your attorney.
• Answer all questions your attorney may ask. You may wonder why certain questions are relevant, but your attorney knows what will help win your case. Trust your attorney.
• Take pictures as your attorney asks.
• Be truthful and forthcoming in answering questions from your attorney. If you are not honest, it may work against you later. Your attorney can only help you if you provide all the information that is relevant to your case.
• Sign all forms your attorney asks you to.

If you’ve suffer an injury, contact experienced First Coast personal injury attorney John Fagan today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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