Assessing Personal Injury Cases

Your Jacksonville injury lawyer must assess a number of factors when examining your case. These factors will play a role in how your attorney handles the case in court, and whether they decide to represent you.

Can Your Case Proceed?

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Before beginning work on your case, it is important to determine that it has not surpassed a statute of limitations. Your Jacksonville injury lawyer will investigate all applicable statutes of limitations, note their expiration dates and explain their consequences. Your lawyer will then examine what sort of affect they may have on proceedings for your case and the opportunities for a settlement. Statues of repose will also play a role in this initial investigation.

The Players

Your Jacksonville injury lawyer will need to consider the people involved in the case and what kind of claims they have made. First he or she will take note of your injuries, including whether or not they are permanent, and determine who can be sued. A comparison will be made of the plaintiff’s insurance policy and that of the defendant; your lawyer will examine any exclusions, potential coverage defenses, and policy limits that may apply. Should parties fall under different jurisdictions, this can also complicate matters.

The Case

Finally, your injury lawyer must determine if the case will have economic potential in court. Settlement offers may have already been exchanged. According to your insurance company or any clauses, your case may need to operate under alternative methods of dispute resolution. Your lawyer may decide that mediation or arbitration suits your case better, depending on the pros and cons of your particular situation.

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