What Is the Best Approach for Your Case?

Your Jacksonville injury lawyer knows that dozens of factors influence the value of your case in the eyes of an insurance company, a judge, and jurors. The inner workings of the courts at the state, county and even municipal levels vary greatly.

For instance,Maine,New Hampshire, South Dakota,Vermontand Wyomingare known for low value verdicts. True, these are less populated states. But it is telling that awards greater than $1 million were reached in fewer than 10 cases.

You will be interested to know that California,Florida, and New York verdicts on that level exceeded 500 for the same period of research. Our juries may be more moved by the pain and suffering of plaintiffs. Nevertheless, it is important to work with a Jacksonville injury lawyer who knows what to expect and which venue and jurists will boost the likelihood of success in your case.

Managing Witnesses

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In addition to the location of the trial, the quality of witnesses is another huge factor in predicting case value. Witnesses include those who can testify about:

  • liability on the part of the defendant,
  • damages, or
  • the pain and injury you have suffered.

Witnesses will also include:

  • expert witnesses, such as doctors or professionals, and
  • laypeople who know about the details of your accident.

If your only witnesses are close friends or relatives, their testimony may be viewed as biased and less reliable than impartial testifiers. Also, the way witnesses present themselves to a jury may increase or decrease their credibility even if they are doctors or experts. Witness testimony may be the most powerful determinant of the strength of your case.

Managing Expectations

Finally, your own expectations also matter. Are you someone who is pleasant and easy to work with? While aggressiveness and a type-A personality may seem helpful traits at a time like this, settlements actually tend to be higher for easygoing clients. If you are sympathetic, the jury will be more likely to take your side. As with most challenging experiences, your Jacksonville injury lawyer will want to keep your expectations reasonable because so many factors can degrade your case, as well as help it. You can read more about these topics here on our web site.

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