Appealing Florida Social Security Disability Denials

If you have applied for Social Security disability benefits and have been denied, you should appeal your decision. If you have been denied a second time and are applying for a hearing, you should get the help of an experienced First Coast disability lawyer.

Your denial letter will tell you how and within what period of time you will be able to appeal. Appealing an initial decision is called requesting reconsideration. If your reconsideration results in a second denial of benefits, you have sixty days to request a hearing. If you do not appeal a denial of benefits within sixty days, you will have to start over with a whole new application, which means that you might possibly lose some back benefits. Appealing in a timely fashions means getting through the bureaucracy of the Social Security claims and appeals process much more quickly.

As with the application itself, you have three ways in which you can request reconsideration or a hearing. Online is the most convenient way, as you can do it at your own pace and convenience. If you do choose to appeal online, be sure to print and save the receipt to prove that you did appeal before the deadline. You can also call the Social Security Administration to arrange for your appeal to be handled by phone and by mail. The third option is in person; you can go to the Social Security office to directly submit an appeal. In this case, you should take your denial letter to the office with you and receive a signed copy of your appeal paper from a Social Security representative before you leave to prove that you appealed on time.

If you have appealed the results of a reconsideration by requesting a hearing, securing legal help for the hearing can greatly increase your chances of receiving a favorable decision. Call First Coast disability lawyer John Fagan for a free consultation.

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