Adjusters Will Try to Dissuade Claimants From Hiring an Attorney

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personal injury attorney in Jacksonville is well-acquainted with the tricks and techniques an adjuster will use on behalf of the insurance company to reduce the costs of your case.

A Claims Adjuster Will Try to Dissuade You From Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Jacksonville

It does not benefit the insurer if a claimant hires a personal injury attorney in Jacksonville. This is because the cost of the claim is likely to rise, the claim will become more difficult to handle and the case has a good chance of moving forward without settlement.

Your Personal Injury Attorney in Jacksonville Is Aware of Tricks Adjusters Will Use

If an adjuster is more proficient at “turning over” cases, the better chance they have of receiving pay raises and promotions. A personal injury lawyer in Jacksonville is aware of this and will try to prevent cases from being settled for less than they’re worth.

The Adjuster Might Try to Convince a Claimant Not to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Jacksonville

The adjuster might downplay the need for a personal injury attorney in Jacksonville by saying that the case won’t be worth more if there’s an attorney representing the plaintiff; allege that he or she is trying to help the plaintiff; and say that an attorney will slow the process. An adjuster doesn’t want to have the process slowed by having to deal with a lawyer. The insurance company will try to get in touch with a claimant as quickly as possible – known as the 24-hour rule – to try and settle the case as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Speak to an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Jacksonville

If you have a personal injury claim and have questions about the tactics and tricks that an adjuster might use, a personal injury attorney in Jacksonville can help. Contact John Fagan at 904-278-1000 to discuss your case today.

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