An Accident Lawyer in Orange Park Discusses Five Underhanded Adjuster Tactics

Insurance adjusters are encouraged by the companies they work for to save costs by giving injury claimants the lowest offer possible. You will need a battle-tested accident attorney in Orange Park who will be by your side to provide you with the best legal advice on how to protect yourself.

You and your accident attorney in Orange Park should be wary of the following underhanded tactics adjusters have often used to lower the value of a case:

1. Bad Faith Settlement Authority

A claims representative can obtain a note from the supervisor indicating that only a certain amount of money can be offered to you. Even if the case is worth considerably more, the claim representative may still show you and your accident attorney in Orange Park this note as evidence that the insurance company has set their final maximum price and that the adjuster is not authorized to exceed that price.

2. Extreme Depreciation

A knowledgeable accident attorney in Orange Park will anticipate that an adjuster may rely on excessive depreciation table (or any depreciation table) that has no plausible connection to your case in order to make a lowball offer.

3. Free Help

An adjuster may also decline to take your automobile salvage, forcing you to spend your money to dispose of it.

4. Non-Disclosure

Your accident attorney in Orange Park will warn you about an inconsiderate claims representative who will refuse to:

  • Offer damages rightfully owed to you.
  • Provide payment for the rental car while your vehicle is being repaired, and recommend that you carpool to work.
  • Pay you lost wages while you miss time from work. He will tell you to take advantage of sick leave or vacation instead.
  • Pay for your medical treatment after the accident. He may insist to you and your accident attorney in Orange Park that you can use either your own vehicle medical coverage or your employer’s accident and health policy.

5. Professional Time Defense

If you are a professional such as a physician, dentist, small business owner, or self-employed individual, you are probably unwilling to sacrifice your practice or business to engage in a lengthy and expensive litigation process. With this mind, a claims adjuster may offer you and your accident lawyer in Orange Park an amount less than the value of the case, hoping that you will take it to avoid a lawsuit.

Contact an Accident Attorney in Orange Park

An accident attorney in Orange Park will defend you from overzealous insurance adjusters who have incentives to minimize the value of your case. For a free initial consultation on your case, please call John Fagan today at 904-278-1000.

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